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Trying Times

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Traditionally, America has been a refuge for those seeking asylum from political and economic unrests.

“These are the times that try men’s souls,” remarked Thomas Paine. These words could easily have been spoken about 21st century America. No longer rebellious British subjects but a nation more than 200 years in the making. Nevertheless, we find ourselves a nation at a crossroads. Many of the democratic principles that we once held to be sacred have been called into question. Many are beginning to question whether there has been a breakdown of our tricameral system of checks and balances. A nation that has survived and lived through Watergate finds itself once again wondering about the legitimacy of its leaders.

Never before have we had a commander in chief attack his own citizens in the way that this one has. Referring to the independent press as “the enemy of the people”, it is not surprising when newsrooms become the targets of crazed gunmen. Trump turns a blind eye to Russian interference in our elections, yet curses professional football players for calling attention to the ongoing unjust murders of unarmed minority men.

As a patriot who loves my country, as a citizen who is concerned about the direction we’re heading, I cannot sit idly by and say nothing. Yet, what are We The People to do? We live in a time when even the very notion of truth is being called into question. The first step we all must take is to speak up, speak out, hold our elected officials accountable and collectively vote those out of office who no longer represent us. The political game where the rich use prejudice and fear to pit neighbor against neighbor is tired and worn out. In the words of Bob Marley let us “stand up for our rights” while we still have some left. If you don’t choose to care, who will?


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