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AFRICAN ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS (Media Outreach and Promotion)

Promoted the inaugural AEA Awards ceremony via traditional and social media. This newly established awards ceremony celebrates African performing artists and entrepreneurs. The first annual awards celebration introduced American audiences to a wide range of African musical artists from around the continent.


I perfected and edited the business plan to enable solicitation of funding for this Newark-area community-based organization. I also performed grant research and wrote proposals for this organization which provides a safe haven after school, a host of programming and marketable skills to area youth.


Alberto Carbonilla, Adjunct Faculty Member at The College of New Jersey

Dave is a seasoned Communications professional who understands the complexities of collaboration, teamwork, and relationship building that come with effective public relations and consistent messaging. He possesses a genuine curiosity about people, and along with his formidable technical skills, consistently produces impeccable work, be it an article, a press release, or a multi-level communications event.

Dominic Tamin, Executive Producer, the African Entertainment Awards USA

I contracted David to do media outreach and scriptwriting for the First Annual African Entertainment Awards held this past October. David went above and beyond the call of duty. He was very easy to work with and met every deadline. He was very flexible and adapted well to my changing needs. The awards were a success in part due to the media coverage that he obtained. I will definitely contract David for future endeavors.

Troy Fischer, Chief Information Officer, Newark Public Schools

David has generated several studies for the department during his tenure that will prove of immense value to the growth and expansion of our department’s operations and mission. I know that you will find him to be a pleasure to work with as well as a valuable addition to your operations.

Travis Reid, Chief Operating Officer, YouthBuild-Newark

David is a very likeable, friendly and approachable person who works well with a wide variety of persons. He works well under pressure and is capable of juggling multiple projects and responsibilities. The superintendent’s office made full use of his superb writing, research and communications skills. David is an efficient and determined team player who is good at problem solving and project management.

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