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Time For A Personal Assessment

How well do you know yourself? Many of us are under the mistaken assumption that the grass is always greener in someone else’s yard. What we fail to realize is that God doesn’t make mistakes. You and I are here for a reason. Each of us was born with certain undeniable gifts and attributes, gifts and attributes that we’re supposed to use for the betterment of the world. There’s a saying, “brighten the Spot where you are.” This is simply saying that we each must let our little light shine, shine, shine. Everywhere we go, all in this house…

This semester at Rutgers School of Communications, I have had the opportunity to do some personal evaluation and what I’ve discovered are some pretty incredible strengths and assets. By nature, I’m a pretty upbeat, positive person. I look to promote peace and cooperation in whatever team I’m a part of. I oftentimes will utilize humor to lighten the mood. I pride myself on being an honest, trustworthy person, and people generally trust me.

A wise man once said, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” and so I look to cultivate an atmosphere of peace. I’m very good at building relationships with a wide variety of persons, and my broad communications skills allow me to adapt quickly and easily to varying business needs. I’m a creative individual who sets a high bar for my personal achievement. I can literally paint pictures with my words and advertise any business, industry or cause that’s out there.

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I’m concerned about people; I’m concerned about the environment; I’m concerned about this nation. I cannot turn off the concern that is in my heart. Therefore, it behooves me to team up with other concerned persons and make a difference in my school, in my company, in my town and in my world. As Saturday Night Live character Stuart Smalley would say, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”

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